And so the journey begins….

This is my journey to a new healthier me.  I know everyone does it and doesn’t always make it but I am scared for my own health and wellbeing and my head is in a different place… I feel determined!

There are three reasons I have become inspired but this time I feel determined.

  1. I am reading a book by Jane Costello called Girl on the Run – it’s a chick-lit.  The main character, Abby Rogers, all in the name of love (and lust for Dr Dishy), ends up joining a running club, his running club.  This started me off because if there’s one thing I wish I could do, it is run!  I have always been useless at it.  At school I could manage 200mtrs before I feigned asthma (I am a sufferer but used it to my advantage in my teenage years)
  2. An old friend of mine from childhood days, shares, on social media, his running challenges and achievements.  I have always admired his spirit and determination and the fact that he’s not anal about what he does… he still enjoys a pint or 6 at the weekend but is controlled and disciplined enough to abstain when he’s got, for example, a big charity run ahead of him.  He has run the London Marathon and is now heading off to the big apple to run the New York Marathon… I wish him, and is running buddy all the very best.
  3. My final inspiration isn’t as glamorous.  I have Ulcerative Colitis (UC) and during a recent particularly nasty flare up my GP took my bloods.  My results were not what I was expecting to hear.  We discussed my inflammatory markers, we discussed the that fact that my liver needed a good rest from all the alcohol it had been enjoying during our lovely extended summer this year (2014) and then we discussed diabetes.  The dreaded diabetes, the one thing us overweight people are constantly being told about but don’t understand what it is nor do we believe just how serious an illness it is.

I already live with UC and I am on medication for high blood pressure, kidney stones and asthma.  My joints ache, I get out of breath very quickly, and I feel useless.

My dad died following complications after he had a major stroke.  Among other complications, my mom died with diabetes.  So you can see why my GP was concerned about my family history and quite frankly, so am I.

I am scared!

The only person that can do anything about me is me!  So, I joined a gym.  I dragged my daughter along to view it with me and she signed up as my buddy.  I have no excuse to not go because I have to drive past it twice a day to and from work, but actually, I’m quite enjoying it, even though it is only week 1.


10 things not to say to someone with Ulcerative Colitis or Crohns

Couldn’t blog it better myself… Do you really want to get the wrath of an IBD sufferer?!

So Bad Ass

Living with an inflammatory bowel disease, such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, is a challenge.  Dealing with comments from the public who don’t understand IBD can be even harder…  I’m sure that most of the time people do not mean to be insensitive but it doesn’t stop those comments from being hurtful and annoying.

Here’s what not to say.

1. “You don’t look sick” This is a biggie, IBD like many other chronic illnesses is sometimes referred to as ‘invisible illnesses’ because on the outside you look OK.  People don’t realise that it may have taken every bit of effort to get showered, dressed and out the door that day.  That I may have painted on a smile just to get through the day and may be dealing with pain, bleeding, multiple toilet visits, fatigue and just feel like shit.   10 things not to say to someone with ibd

2. “You have gained weight!” Yes, I probably have.  Because…

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